"Is The US Navy and Air Force Controlling Our Weather"?

                               by Ronald F. Garon

                                     July 13, 2001

      Although I don't pretend to be any kind of a weather expert, or interpreter, I have been watching the nexrad weather satellite imagery at www.accuweather.com   for longer than a year now, and many hours a day. I am going to tell you in simple layman's terms what I have been seeing, and what I think is going on. I first discovered the accuweather site by visiting Doug Pooley's website "Flash Radar" and if you will check out his website, you will see all of the flash radar reports for the last couple of years. 

     I am a certified radio communications technician, and have installed Loran-C air navigational tracking equipment in 10 states on a FAA contract in 1989 and 1990, so I have some understanding of omni-directional radio or high band transmissions. Ask any ham radio operator and he will tell you that an omni-directional signal radiates in a circular pattern from the center dot of a circle, and it is equal in directivity in a 360 degree circle to it's perimeter.   

  A vertically polarized omni directional antenna will produce this type of transmission pattern. You can also have directional signals that transmit on any fractional degree up to 360 degrees, with directional antennas. From my observations and studies over the last year, and it has been confirmed at Doug Pooley's website, DOD, DOE, as well as AIR FORCE and NAVY, likely ARMY too, have been transmitting incredibly powerful ELF (Electromagnetic Low Frequency) radiation beams from Air Force bases and DOD, DOE, and Navy bases within the US, and on ships off of the US coast.  

  When I say incredibly powerful, I mean covering up to a 4 state area on the outer perimeter of this circle on one transmission. This would be when transmitting an omni-directional signal. Sometimes directional signals are transmitted, and it does not make a perfect circle, but only perhaps a half arc or 180 degrees. Now the question is, what are they transmitting, why is it so powerful, and what is it for? 

 I will also cut to  the chase to save you the reader alot of weariness in reading and studying. Many are pondering what they are transmitting, and some agree and some don't. The Military, Pentagon, CIA and DIA have refused to comment to many inquiries about what they are doing. The best educated guesses are: 1. Weather Control  2. Mind Control  3.Earthquake Stimulation. All of the above are likely, with even more possibilities, such as deep space communications, which are unlikely, but not impossible.

    Let me save you more time so that when you go to Doug Pooley's website, you will have some understanding of this highly controversial and volatile subject, and knowing that some people have strong convictions and theories as to what it means and what it doesn't mean. Doug's site gives strong credence to the fact that these electromagnetic wave transmissions are responsible for extensive airplane crashes, likely responsible for earthquake activity, and possibly also transmitting mind control messaging at times, besides weather control.  

You the reader, will have to investigate and decide for yourself. HAARP is quite a program of weather and mind control, and it plays a part in the overall weather and high tech paranormal things we are witnessing across the US. I did not intend to make this be a lengthy report, and I want you to start monitoring the accuweather site yourself on a daily basis, until the government takes down the servers showing the nexrad imagery, for some new "National Security" reason or issue. 

  If you will do a little research on google.com you will see that HAARP and the government are proud of, and boasting of their latest weather technology warfare weapons, and the fact that now, they can completely create all weather environments necessary to fight a major battle and war. It is actually being said that Russian weather control is actually in place over America now, and I do believe it! 

For instance: Floods, Droughts, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Snowstorms, Avalanches, Earthquakes, Killer Tidal Waves, Massive Storm Fronts with no visibility because of cloud cover, or no clouds over a multi state area with pinpoint accuracy, even the diameter of a well defines circle at it's perimeter.      

 They can seed the clouds, and actually create the clouds and fronts from land or ships at sea, or ionize them with anything they want, ions, toxins, chem-bio, viruses, nuclear fallout, ect. I am going to tell you what you have to watch for, because I see it over and over and over, day after day. If you know what to look for, you can easily see and spot what they are doing. 

Important Concerns and Considerations:

Major weather fronts coming into the US from Mexico on a regular basis, perfect for a chem-bio, or virus attack from South of the border!

1. I have noticed for the last two weeks that likely Navy ships with strong ELF transmitters are transmitting very powerful directional signals from the Pacific Ocean, about 150 to 300 miles West of the Mexican Coast, in a Northerly direction up the California coast. I have also seen that another signal, from another ship farther out in the Pacific and probably 250 to 300 miles West of Santa Cruz, California, is transmitting an intersecting beam into the top of the beam that the Southern ship is transmitting. 

   Let me give you a little basic physics lesson about magnetism and ionization, and you will see what I am talking about. Ion's are negatively charged particles that appear in matter or molecules. In water, air, clouds, precipitation, you have ions, and they can be charged. If you charge an ion, by polarizing it with a magnetic charge, you can control it, and move it, repel it or attract it. You can create, move, control and repel or attract clouds and major storm systems through electromagnetics and polarization of the charged ions in the clouds!

Now, I hope you begin to get the picture, the transmitters on the ships and planes can charge the ions in the clouds, rain, or storm fronts, and since opposites attract, and likes repel, you can see that major storm and weather fronts can easily be moved across a playing board, (The US) like a chess piece. 

2. The strong weather systems which enter into the US from Mexico via Texas, Arizona, and California, are being intentionally charged, polarized, conditioned, and agitated, to recirculate back into the Central US states usually Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. These conditioned and agitated systems, can produce a multiplicity of weather conditions from flooding, to drought, to tornadoes. 

3. A very interesting observation I have made over the last three weeks is that there is an unnatural bright green radar rain echo image over Fresno, California almost every day. It's color, hue, intensity, and frequency rate is out of sync with all the other normally colored green rain and storm images for this area. It is just above Fresno, California that an artificial border or barrier is created to channel the front in an easterly path across the US! 

This is very odd, and what is even odder is the fact that the intersection of the two ELF signals I mentioned earlier, being transmitted from ships off the Pacific coast of California and Mexico, create a well defined window or containment frame for these fronts coming up from Mexico into California. The result is that this front is contained and prevented from traveling any further North up the coast than between Fresno and Santa Cruz, California. 

It is diverted directly east into the jet stream into California from this point. The jet stream is then quickly pushed across the central US states area from here, where it becomes a containable and controllable weather front and system, ready to be buffered, conditioned, and reactivated or charged from ground based stations all across the US.

 I have watched this over and over, and even today, I noticed that high power ELF and Microwave signals are being shot into the eye of these storms all across cities of the US, to agitate them or condition them more, in my opinion. I think they are perfecting their weather weaponry skills, and perhaps they are trying to cause floods, droughts, or tornadoes for FEMA to ultimately declare martial law in time.

There are other systems and local state transmitters that have contributed to all the flooding in the South Eastern states from Texas to Florida. I speculate and believe these things to be true, from my observations, but I could be mistaken, I am not a professional weather man.  If you disagree or contest, talk to Gary England or a professional Nexrad specialist, who is not under "National Security" oath!

 Accuweather.com Website

 Flash Radar Website by Doug Pooley



                                   by Ronald F. Garon

                                      July 20, 2001

    Yesterday, July 19 2001, I witnessed the most incredible display of weather control and massive ELF (Electromagnetic Low Frequency Radiation Transmissions) that I have ever witnessed in well over a year of nearly daily and hourly observations. Though again, I am no meteorologist or radar man, I believe anyone with common sense, would come to the same conclusions that I did, with just simple logic and observation.

    I believe that this weeks ELF radiation rings and long range Pacific Ocean directional transmissions have confirmed theories that the FED through HAARP and Air Force and Navy and all military as well as DOD and DOE are controlling the present US weather patterns, and to our harm at that, not good! 

 I will briefly give the details of what I saw over the last few days and especially yesterday, and then you can begin to get a feel for what is really going on and why. I will start with the why. The why, in my opinion, is to cause absolute havoc, destruction, and ruin of our weather system in the US. The reason is to bring us to our knees so we will be dependent on NWO and FEMA to save us from the droughts, tornadoes, floodings, heat waves, and massive storm systems that THEY are now intentionally creating.

   FEMA must justify it's existence, and the more disasters that FED and FEMA create, the more in control they are to resolve these disasters and use the FED dollars, our tax dollars, to shine like knights in white armour when they pay off the claims and rebuild the destruction they were responsible for creating! 

    I am going to do more than speculate, I will tell you what they did, what they are doing, and why. On July 17, there was a massive ELF radar ring transmitted from central Texas, which covered nearly a 360 degree circle on it's high intensity perimeter. That perimeter extended through the New Mexico Eastern border, the Panhandle of Texas on the North, and arched half across Oklahoma between Ok City and Tulsa. The band was wide and powerful and even extended near Houston, Texas on the South. 

It isolated and intentionally, and aggressively agitated the storm system, clouds, and rain that was already in that vicinity, and I believe the objective was to create strong tornadoes in Central Oklahoma. It did aggravate existing systems in Lawton, OK and other areas, but did not spawn the tornadoes they desired to create!   

All day on the Pacific Coast of California, the HAARP and Navy / Air Force system was intentionally blocking precipitation across California and adding to the heat wave and drought conditions of California, in the hopes of causing power outages and brownout / blackout conditions by consumer overload requests and consumption!   

 Very strong ELF directional transmissions were transmitted most of the day originating either from HAARP directly in Alaska, or a multiplicity of Navy and possibly UN ships in the North Western Corridor of the Pacific North West of Canada and South West of Alaska in the ocean itself. This transmission has conditioned and ionized all cloud formations approaching the US coast from the West, and made it then completely controllable, divertible, and manageable for the NWO agenda of US weather patterns and flow! 

   The circular rotating storm system in the Central and North Eastern US States yesterday and today was painstakingly, and intentionally created, buffered, and continued in a clockwise motion to do no more than create thunderstorms, flooding, and hopeful, tornado, hail, and wind damage to the central US states areas. This is also a possible high caliber corruption scam with insurance companies and scam artists to profit by claims on all of these catastrophes (my theory!). Just like HUD, Welfare, Savings and Loan, FAA shortcuts and crash disasters, et all!

  NWO benefits bigtime by disasters in the US and justifies itself through them, remember that! 

  The most incredible transmission ring that I have ever seen being transmitted over Canada occurred yesterday, July 19, 2001. If you will look at www.accuweather.com for July 19, 2001 you will see a massive blanking high energy ELF radiation pattern being broadcast from above Canada and most likely originating from Alaska and HAARP. It's transmission pattern was South Easterly, directly positioned to drive the existing storm front and rotation back into the US, instead of working it's way North Easterly out of the country and into the Atlantic. 

The blanking of clouds in the directional pie shaped transmission that lasted most of the day, was targeted at the circulating storm system (already artificially and man made), rotating in Central US States. The objective of this transmission through Canada was to keep this system rotating in a clockwise direction, spawning more bad weather, tornadoes, floods, hail, high winds, ect, rather than assuming a natural progression and course to exit the US through the North Eastern part of the country. The news on the 18th of July said 15 tornadoes were spawned in that part of the country that night, with two deaths due to flooding! 

    This system was artificially man created, or assisted from cloud and storm systems coming into the US from Mexico, and stalled, and aggravated, accelerated, controlled, and focused to remain the longest time in the US and do the most damage to South Eastern US States! No brag, just fact, wake up, pay attention, as Walter Brennon would of said. They want to cause droughts, heat waves, to kill cattle, farms, farmers, and take out our food supply in the US. It could also precipitate the power grid failure, which will cause "Martial Law" when it occurres. They want storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and disasters to control, cause fear and panic, and set themselves up to move in and declare martial law and take over. 

   Today's radiation ring from HAARP is the most bizarre I have ever seen and it is a strong, (July 20, 2001) directional semi arc and radiation pattern that is accurately continuing to push the main storm system down further into South Central and Eastern US States to keep this storm system alive and cause the most amount of damage. Enjoy accuweather and Nexrad while you can folks, they won't be able to keep it up much longer, without notch filters and directional screens so we don't see and detect the obvious they are doing to wreck havoc on our weather system across the US. The complete US daily weather patterns and Jet streams are completely controlled from the Pacific Ocean by Navy ships with strong ELF transmitters, HAARP in Alaska, and US local state transmitters to fine tune all created systems. Take it to the Bank, FACT not FICTION!  

   I close with this, all attempts to get a good explanation from Navy, Air Force, and Pentagon have failed. They won't tell us, and would have us believe it is legitimate radar, national defense, or cutting edge technology development and research. I don't believe it, do you? I don't believe swamp gas or marsh gas either! 

  Last Report for July 20, 2001. After watching all day today the system that HAARP was pushing downward and back to the West, I noticed something I had not seen before. Off of the coast of East Virginia, just East of Raleigh, I noticed a very intense, red, ELF radiation transmission that was transmitted into the storm system just off the East coast of the US, this is the same system that was being forced downward and back to the West. 

The vector where the ELF transmission was sent, created a natural diversion of the Eastwardly moving storm system, and diverted it Southward toward Florida, where it caught Westerly rotating currents and circulated Westward through the Gulf of Mexico, back into New Mexico and Texas, to continue the storms, precipitation, and severe weather conditions. THEY HAVE NEAR ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF ALL WEATHER ACROSS THIS COUNTRY FOLKS! WHY DO THEY NOT USE IT FOR GOOD AND TO CAUSE RAIN ON DROUGHT AREAS? THEY ALSO CONTINUED TO PREVENT ANY CLOUDS or RAIN, PRECIPITATION, OR COOLING OVER CALIFORNIA ALL DAY TODAY!!! 



  "This is the Same Storm I Have Been Talking About Below Folks"!!!  / Ron 


Powder Dries Up Fla. Thunderstorms

By Amanda Riddle
Associated Press Writer
Thursday, July 19, 2001; 8:59 p.m. EDT

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. A powder touted as a potential way to weaken hurricanes sucked the moisture out of a thunderstorm Thursday in its latest test.

An airplane dropped $40,000 worth of the Dyn-O-Gel granules into a cloud 10 miles offshore. A television station's weather radar confirmed the cloud then lost moisture.

"The people in the tower visually confirmed that there was a tall buildup and the next moment it was gone," said Kevin Sullivan, control tower supervisor at the Palm Beach International Airport.

The granules, made by a company called Dyn-O-Mat, fell into the ocean as a gel-like substance that dissolves in salt water.

Company chief executive Peter Cordani said he hopes to sell the product to the federal government after more tests. The product is dropped in a line from the outer portion of the hurricane to its eye. The company contends that by dropping moisture out of the swirling mass, the storm is weakened.

The company said a granule absorbs 2,000 times its weight in water.

Hugh Willoughby, hurricane research director at the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Miami, was skeptical that the powder could reduce a hurricane's strength by more than a few mph in wind speed.

"It might be that this stuff would be great for making it rain," he said Wednesday.

On the Net: http://www.dynomat.com/index.shtml

CHEMTRAILS                           Today's MIDWEST Satellite Photo                      Today's U.S. Satellite Photo
The routine is becoming disgustingly clear.  I awoke AGAIN today to overcast skies.  I saw plainly on the satellite image mass contamination over Illinois today.  This material seems to clear by evening and we must be hit overnight heavy.  Angie repeatedly has seen spraying through holes in the clouds the past few days.  I can plainly see powdery blue/white color between clouds where it should be that nice sky BLUE.  Weathermouths are saying the temp here will be 89' today, and higher the next few days.  This continuous overcast WILL AND IS AFFECTING CROPS!  Also, the story below CONFIRMS what I've been trying to tell y'all.  However, they're making it LOOK like they're just now experimenting with this when in FACT this has already been used against Oregon and many MANY areas to create drought.  And isn't it noteworthy that with drought, hydroelectric power is no longer an option and OIL must be used.  This puts dollars into the hands of globalists like Rockefeller, Bush, Cheney, Gore etc.  And it's happening ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Witness the stories today on Brazil etc..
Powder Weakens Thunderstorm
Powder sucks moisture out of thunderstorm
In its latest test, a powder promoted as a potential way to weaken hurricanes sucked the moisture out of a thunderstorm Thursday. An airplane dropped $40,000 worth of the Dyn-O-Gel granules into a cloud 10 miles offshore. A television station's weather radar confirmed the cloud then lost moisture. "The people in the tower visually confirmed that there was a tall buildup and the next moment it was gone," said Kevin Sullivan, control tower supervisor at the Palm Beach International Airport.
(Now, I tell you they've been DOING THIS ALL ALONG!!!  This is why Oregon has DROUGHT.  This is WHY we get 'misty drizzles'.  This is just a B.S. DIVERSIONARY story so you'll think they're just now experimenting with it.  If anybody has trouble getting this story, let me know.  I saved it as a file and can send it whole.  This was on NewsMax.  Another site that WON'T tell you about CHEMTRAILS!!)
Powder Dries Up Fla. Thunderstorms
Quirky ideas abound for weakening hurricanes
.. his absorbent powder called "Dyn-O-Gel" would reduce ... it into a gel that drops to ... summer    that the granules weren't powerful ... to modify a hurricane,
Increased hurricane activity to last
NOAA forecasters see trend holding for up to 40 years  --Houston Chronicle
More Hurricanes Feared
A period of sharply increased hurricane activity has begun and is likely to endure for 10 to 40 years, says a new study
The Dallas Morning News: National
A hurricane with winds topping 100 mph churns dangerously off the coast. Jets fly in and release a potion to weaken it before it hits land, saving lives and countless millions of dollars in damage. Sound outlandish? Not to the federal government, which in the 1960s embarked upon an ambitious, yet flawed, program to try to take the punch out of powerful hurricanes.

Capt. D.A.Wheeler
Weather Modification hammering Earth!
Thu Jul 19 20:25:55 2001

Howdy Patriots!

Whether you want to believe it or not, there exists ample evidence of massive tampering with the natural weather patterns on planet earth by the military/industrial complex to further their own evil agendas. This includes precipitation deluge/denial to either create too much rain or destroy crops through droughts. Either method is obviously catastrophic. There is no credible proof global warming is causing this as thousands of highly intelligent, scientists with common sense have proven time and again. I have checked solar flare data, and it is not a factor. So one can deduce that it is most likely manmade in origin and its effects have been deadly. Watch this fall when the hurricane season starts, I find it amazing the "experts" are already calling this season a whopper before it even starts, when computer models cant even predict a hailstorm let alone a Cat 5 hurricane until its on top of you. Even with favorable conditions for hurricanes the models are sketchy at best. 

Please check out the following sites for more info.: www.cyberspaceorbit.com
I hope you find the above data informative, as the earth's weather patterns are a "chaotic" system that will seek its own equilibrium if left alone. But if you introduce large changes in that system, other parts of the world will "equalise" that disturbance with often catastrophic effects. By the way, have you noticed the earthquakes in California, and up the west coast? Not all of these are natural in origin, as the USGS does not report all earthquakes for some strange reason. The Russians have had Tesla/Scalar weapons for decades. Prove me wrong!

God Bless,