Special Report From Pam Schuffert Concerning the New York Twin Towers Disaster, and it's Implications for America and Coming "Martial Law"

Sept. 14, 2001

I have chosen to wait a few days following the aftermath of the horrific tragedy in NYC and Washington, DC, that took the lives of so many victims, and injured or maimed many others. When such events take place, fact and fiction are often jumbled together in their wake,  resulting in truth mixed with unsubstantiated rumors circulating wildly throughout the nation. I prefer to take more time to examine the facts before coming to any conclusions or reporting.

What is NOT needed is any more news revealing the horrific plane crashes that unfolded in NYC and Wash DC. The national news media has covered this abundantly, with both live video film footage and testimonies of survivors and eye-witnesses. What I would like to focus on is what shall follow in the aftermath of this great American tragedy. What can the American people expect to come in the months ( or even days) ahead???

Finally, the Illuminati masterminds of the New World Order have what they have long lusted for (and what we have long warned was coming): a national emergency/disaster that they can quickly use to implement more restrictive laws and legislation upon the American people to begin to restrict their freedoms and to rein them in even more in preparation for a full fledged martial law, UN/NATO/Partnership for Peace takeover. 

Just as they raced previously to rush greater restrictive legislation through Congress, on the wings of public outcry and sentiment over the Oklahoma City bombing event, so they are racing at breakneck speed, even before most Americans can fully comprehend what has happened and it's implications, to rush legislation through that will give the President much more power to control this nation, and the intelligence community much more power to monitor the American people.

 The American military is also being given more power. And now NATO has announced it' full support of America in this crisis (which will facilitate the use of thousands of foreign troops throughout America under martial law; well trained through practice in Kosovo/former Yugoslavia.)

I am now hearing many politicians parrot the NWO party line of, "Americans MUST be willing to sacrifice some of their freedoms and liberties for their protection and the greater good of our nation"; They know that now, most Americans will be GLAD to sacrifice many of their previous freedoms to ensure (?) that such tragedies will be prevented in the future.

These events  of September 11, 2001, come as no surprise to me whatsoever. I have spent much time interviewing martial law lecturer Col. Jim Ammerman, who had warned me previously that both New York City and Washington DC would come under great terrorist attack as part of the kick-off plans to bring down martial law. New York City because of the financial power base, and Washington DC because of the political power base. Pentagon source Al Cuppett had also confirmed this to me as well.

Al Cuppett has lectured throughout the nation that dates are very important to the Illuminati, many staged Illuminati events or disasters tied in with bringing down martial law have often taken place on the 13th of a month, or coincide with Satanic calendar dates.
Do I think that "911"; (911 emergency number) being the date of this great national disaster is any coincidence? Not in the least. The Illuminati/Satanists of the world  and this nation will do anything and everything possible ( and even seemingly impossible) to bring forth their wicked agenda. This includes networking with any group or nationality they can find who will further their wicked agenda. The loss of innocent human life means nothing to them; NOT if that loss helps to facilitate their NWO agenda!

Remember that up to one million innocent victims are slaughtered annually on their Satanist altars nationwide in the pursuit of getting power from Satan to bring forth their Luciferic New World Order. Remember that there are over 600 covert concentration camps waiting silently across America to receive the millions of bodies of fellow Americans to be sacrificed in the name of their New World Order, all under martial law. 

Remember that countless lives have been destroyed by the drug trafficking throughout our nation; facilitated by the greedy hands of the Bush dynasty of darkness and those elements of the CIA, government and military who have worked non-stop to bring cocaine out of South America (often using Bush's ZAPATA oil barges) and to sell it on the streets of America.  

This is called "black ops for black funds", secret operations for secret funds; all of which are being used to help bring for the NWO and to build the concentration camps meant to destroy ALL resisters under martial law. Human life is cheap and expendable to NWO Satanists and the Illuminati masterminds of the NWO. Those who believe in a world population reduction agenda involving millions upon millions have no regard for the value of human life;only their own.

If they have to work through Moslem terrorists, they will. (And they already have. It was not so long ago that the CIA and military supplied Afghani extremists with Stinger missiles and military weapons in their battle against Russia; they did so before and they can do so again.) If they have to work through communist forces, they will. (And they already have.) If they have to work through the very enemies of our nation and our freedoms, they will. (And they already have done so, and will do so under martial law.)

Based on all my previous research and inside reports from intelligence community sources, military sources, etc., here's what I project for the near future. NOT necessarily immediately; perhaps gradually.)

Anticipate deliberate releases of deadly chem-bio weapons in various locations (including anthrax release and deadly chemicals released into public water systems and the atmosphere.) As a former CIA bio-chem warfare expert warned me, they will do this to weaken the resistance of the American public prior to an into coming martial law. 

When an anonymous military source was interviewed concerning coming martial law and asked about the deliberate release of chem-bio warfare against the American public to subdue them, he simply replied matter-of-factly: Well, it makes our mop-up operations that much easier.

Watch for the increase of military vehicles (tanks, humvees, Bradleys, helicopters, etc.) in public areas. Watch for increased surveillance. Watch for military takeover of roadways, highways, etc., and road checks to begin. Watch for FOREIGN troops to begin to appear across America, especially German, Russian, Chinese and others (especially those in the NATO/Partnership for Peace alliance. They have not been practicing feverishly over in Kosovo/former Yugoslavia for nothing! 

As I have reported previously, the German Bundeswehr troops I have interviewed both in America and in Germany confirmed to me repeatedly that they had been informed that MARTIAL LAW WAS COMING TO AMERICA and their role in the aftermath was to help arrest us, fire upon us, seize our weapons and march us off to the camps should people offer resistance.) Watch for public schools and US post offices to be taken over, to be used to register all US citizens (and a bullet through the head for all those who won't cooperate at such registration facilities!)

Watch for electrical power outage emergencies that are long lasting and widespread;
-Disruption of communications equipment;
-Emptying of supermarket shelves of food and medical supplies necessary for survival;
-Possible terrorist detonation of suitcase nukes; hidden across the nation, suitcase in size, able to be remote detonated in any city or major public area; and more.
-Nuclear strikes from foreign opposing nations.
Not necessarily immediately, nor all at once, nor in every place across America at the same time. Such events may take place gradually in various locations; but nevertheless with the intent of bring this nation down irrevocably under coming martial law. All of the above have been mentioned and confirmed by intelligence community/military insiders as very real possibilities in the times to come.

Be aware that the foreign troops and cooperating 5th column American troops will (at some point in the future) be going to go from door to door in search-seizure-and arrest tactics to seize your weapons and take care of all resisters, and to arrest and march off to the deathcamps all those marked on FEMA's red and blue lists (and every other kind of list, from the Army's to the FBI's, etc.) Satanist covens across America have already announced their intentions of joining in such activities, with the intent of persecuting all Christian resistance to the loss of our Constitutional freedoms and  religious liberties.

I personally believe that now is a possible time for the government to quietly begin their FEMA ;red and blue list arrests. As Al Cuppett, Pentagon expert on coming martial law, admitted: immediately before martial law is declared, and afterward, expect the arrests of millions on government lists marked for PRIORITY arrests. The radio broadcasters, the website publishers exposing martial law and the NWO, the militia leaders, the Constitutionalist organizations leaders and members, outspoken opponents of the New World Order, ALL must be removed to take away all voices of public dissent and influence against the coming tyrannical regime.

Friends, what else WOULD you expect, with the  nation clamoring for THE DECLARATION OF WAR???

Think about it. Consider the events that have just happened in our nation. Can martial law and everything described in this website of warning be far off???

Are YOU prepared? Do you have a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ that is strong enough to bring you through the dark times that may lie ahead of us???

If not, I encourage you to contact a pastor of a quality church nearby, or other Christians who can share with you and pray with you for salvation and for Jesus Christ to become Lord of your life. Right now, even in the privacy of your home, you can ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and life, to forgive your sins, and give you eternal life. This way, even IF you should die in the coming events, your name will be written in the Book of Life and you will never perish. Obtain a Bible and read the promises of God through Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

You CAN have peace in the midst of such tragedy, IF the Prince of Peace reigns in YOUR heart: Jesus Christ.
May God comfort your heart over the tragedies that have occurred, and keep you through the times to come.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16)

To the Satanists/Illuminists who monitor this website, I have this to say:

All of your rituals, your enchantments, your sacrifices and your filthy Illuminati money  will not be able to protect you form the judgments that are coming to this nation for her sins! Consider that there were those who were most definitely Masons, Satanists, etc. who were included in the number of those who perished in the tragedies in NYC and Washington DC. (I know: my father WAS a Pentagon, DC Satanist. Both cities are filled with Satanists and Masons and Illuminati, as you and I know.)

When those jets fatefully struck those towers, their rich, elite and powerful status could not save them. Their Satanist/Illuminist status could not save them. And even now, their eternal souls are burning in an eternal hell hotter than any flames that burned in the Twin Towers following  the terrible impacts of both planes. 

The Lord God the Almighty of our Lord Jesus Christ  is calling you TO REPENT;while you can. The deliberate disasters masterminded to persecute and kill Christians and other resisters have a way of backfiring, consuming even your own. Your time is short as well;

God have mercy on this nation and on us all.
-Pam Schuffert