Subj: The Bush "Dynasty of Darkness" and the "Deceiving of the Elect" in America (Part 1)
Date: 2/12/02 12:09:49 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: MyTWaryor4JC
To: Albertoaic

As I continue to journey across America and to attend many churches and participate in Christian prayer meetings, I am increasingly disturbed with what indeed appears to be the great deceiving of the American Christian nationwide. In such prayer meetings, I am constantly hearing praise uttered for "our wonderful CHRISTIAN blessed our nation is for the Bush family..." and more.

And when I hear such words, I cringe and my heart aches. While I heartily agree with the exhortation from eternal Scriptures, that prayer and intercession SHOULD BE MADE for ALL in authority,
I grieve over the great delusion that has been foisted upon the unsuspecting American Christians in this hour.

Thanks to the magic of Hollywood, the "spin doctors" and of "news media bias" and "news media blackout,"
this present President has been transformed in the public mind from an absolute dark agent of the New World Order and the Illuminati's "Skull and Bones" indoctrination into a deceiving "angel of light!"

Naive and well-meaning but ill-informed Christians (who have done little or no research into the true nature of the Bush "Dynasty of Darkness" and their horrifying legacy that has brought death and destruction to
millions in this nation already) are falling for the great LIE being presented to them by this man and perpetrated through a CFR/NWO controlled news media.

The great LIE that has Christians resting in a false sense of safety and assurance that "our President is a man of integrity and everything is going to be alright" is that "GEORGE W. BUSH is a God-fearing man of faith and integrity and a Christian who has the best interests of the Christian population of this nation at heart. Hence, we have nothing to fear or worry about!"

And resting in this false presumption, they are blinded to the reality that they about to be led as sheep to the slaughter under the coming martial law seige of this nation for the Anti-Christ New World Order. They forget that his father, George H.W. Bush, constantly praised the concept of the NEW WORLD ORDER and gave his full support to such an agenda for this nation.

American Christians do not seem to know that, while director of the CIA, Bush Sr. used his powers to direct, under false "Patriot" Ollie North, the great "arms for drugs scandal" out of South America, in which Bush's own ZAPATA oil barges were used to haul up to North America untold millions of kilos of fresh cocaine into our  nation. Such cocaine was then distributed to covert CIA drug operatives, and sold across this nation. This is called from within the CIA, "black ops for black funds," or secret operations for covert funds. Millions succumbed to it's temptations, and their ruined lives and families across America stand as mute evidence to the insidious destructiveness of the NWO and it's total disregard for human life and well-being, in it's mad quest for power.

What were such black funds then used for? As it was explained to me by former CIA black ops participants, it was used to help lay out the dark infrastructure of the coming conquest for America by Bush's beloved "New World Order." In order to deal with all resistance to his NWO agenda for America, MODERN CONCENTRATION CAMPS HAD TO BE COVERTLY ESTABLISHED AND BUILT ACROSS THIS NATION.

"Oh, all of us in the intelligence community know about the concentration camps and their purposes. We ALL know that they are TO TERMINATE THE RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER MARTIAL LAW..."(-Michael Maholy, a personal friend, 20 years Naval Intelligence and CIA working directly under Bush and North for the NWO agenda.)

Tools of termination such as MODERN GUILLOTINES had to be purchased and imported from overseas.

"I have personally been to Japan and seen the place where many of these guillotines have been manufactured for the hour of martial law. I have stood on the loading docks of San Diego and watched as they were being secretly unloaded, and I knew what they would be used for: the termination of resisters of the NWO under martial law."  (-Elaine Knost, former high level Satanist leader and CIA assassin under Bush.)

BOXCARS AND SHACKLES had to be covertly ordered by our government for the hour of the hauling away of the resistant masses under martial law to the deathcamps of the New World Order across America.

"My husband is a high level executive at Gunderson Steel here in Portland, and he finally admitted to me that they are under secret contract with the US government to produce these prisoner boxcars with shackles you are investigating and reporting on.."
(-Wife of a high executive with Gunderson of Portland, OR.) And much more.)

The Bush "Dynasty of Darkness" has been so in love with the Illuminati's own NEW WORLD ORDER and it's accompanying WORLD LEADER (known to Bible scholars as "the Anti-Christ" or "The Beast,") that Bush Sr's father, PRESCOTT BUSH, provided millions of dollars to the Nazi Party of Germany to help bring Adolph Hitler into power. This is a well documented fact of history.

You see, both Prescott Bush, George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior are all members of the dread, powerful and secretive order of NWO supporters and  leaders of Yale's "Order of Skull and Bones" society. It is a known fact that at the end of their initiation rites, they must finally kneel before a black robed and hooded figure seated upon a throne, representing Lucifer, and vow total allegiance to this figure. (See Texe Marrs shocking book, "DARK MAJESTY" and his exposure of the Bush "Dynasty of Darkness.")

The Illuminati and "Order of Skull and Bones" was certain that Hitler was their man to bring forth "the dawning of the New World Order" to the world! In fact, it is documented in author Joseph Carr's book, THE TWISTED CROSS, that Hitler was steeped in occultism and the teaching of the Illuminati  and the New World Order from earliest youth, and actually aspired to be the Anti-Christ of Bible fame! He would go into the Bavarian Alps of Germany and scream into the wind for Satan to possess him, to give him power to become the leader of the NEW WORLD ORDER...the dread Anti-Christ of Rev. 13. And PRESCOTT BUSH totally supported the rise of this aspiring Anti-Christ to power!